Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spell Scammers To Stay Away From

Welcome to this blog, I hope many of you will find this in your search and help warm the rest to stay away from the sacmmers listed below. If you had any intereactions with these websites please write your experiences here on my blog.

Information gathered from various sources:

"Aisha Haddi
 Ashra spells- CARMEN
her name is suma patel and email is ,

"paid via western union her name is suma patel and email is ,

 russian black magic caster http://www.magtamerlan,/  Lee Anne

Mambo cornfield at

ebay seller The Dugout for voodoo solls that didn't work!



Queen witch serra,  she is also on Keen

real voodoo josue

Ebay seller Coven or 4 - brittany french big time scammer! rishi bingu at can u believe I paid $500 usd for a powerful braclet that they didn't even bother to ship to me???? These ppl have a compalint on ripoffreport dantalion also on ripoff!  Magnolia, I know a few ppl who also used her and got nothing!!!

Deedee Doherty she sells spirit possessed items for love,money etc I spent thousand s and just got jewelry!

Stanley Tham for love amulets that did zip

Ebay seller also for love amulets Nayan992007

Ebay selelr latinstar9 regina Meant to be santeria but got no results! and no replies after spell!

Indoneasian magic from
Philipino magic from Mercedes

"A ebay group of witches called theosdjonnjewelry and I used 2 witches tracey, black mongolia and Houngan Sha all were very aggressive and threatening, no results!"

ebay selelr eric Fraize - did black magic spell for me! nothing!

sereen at for money spell did jack at all

" - Cinthya Adriana - Gaiia - Deborah - Dena - Altea - Lee Ann Profesor Jorge Profesor Jorge Sharon Notre-Dame - Isidore Bonjoko - Angel-Priestess Maria - High Spirit-Priestess Faera Priestess Samantha Venus - Josue J. Lenoir - Luther Joseph LaFortune - Gwendyth - Donald Yung - Peter Faith"

Please know that the peope behind these site are ruthless evil who take advantage of vulnerable people in their most vulnerable hours. With your help we can put a stop to it

Thank you for reading and participating in my blog.